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July 21 2002
Long time NO UPDATE!! The truck is coming along very well. Jay has been showing up at local shows to show off the work so far. Over the last year he has spent more time and $$ getting everything chromed or polished! You need Sunglasses to look at the engine now, almost every thing in the engine compartment is chromed now. Most recently Jay has picked up a new cover for the front of the radiator this leaves all but the top of the radiator, which has been brassed, exposed. Jay has recently purchased a chrome fan shroud.

Jay is also starting work on the custom tail gate, I wont give away the plan, but suffice it to say the gate has been chromed and the for lettering has been removed with a plasma cutter.

Jay has the new chrome running boards on with the custom "forld emblem" step plates, they look awesome!. Jay has purchased a chrome "ididit" steering column, and a beautiful retro looking steering wheel from Banjo. Jay is just about ready to start on the interior. just as soon as he gets the dash covered. He has new carpet, seats, steering and even a custome panel for the ceiling to stash the radio. Jay will be replacing the hideous diamond tuck panels soon too.

Besides chroming everything, over the last year Jay has spent many hours wet sanding the paint and removing the orange peel, the paint looks great now!

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