Welcome Truck Fans.

Well here it is! Jays truck! The truck is a 1956 "small window" Ford F-100, It has a 460 cu. in. Ford engine from a 68 Lincoln. Ask Jay for all the other details.

Jay treats his new truck like a fourth child. Jay brought the Truck home in early January. This truck does not have Jay signature noisy engine (like the white one) but he's okay with that.

Here are the pictures so far !
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January 8, 2000
Here is the truck the day Jay took it back to his house, after getting the truck Jay stored it for several months at Johns house. No work had been done yet.
Hot Rod Fun!!!
Jays 56 Ford F-100, parked next to Jim Stimmels 55 Ford F-100
Jays 56 Ford F-100, as seen by Chuck Gluck Jays 56 Ford F-100, as seen by Paul Gluck Jays 56 Ford F-100, as seen by Tim Kroeker
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