Skadie and Modi
Two Lundies are better than one...
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We enjoyed owning Skadie from the very beginning, she is so unique that we never thought anything could be better. We were wrong! There is something about a pair of Lundies that is indescribable, and what a pair! They quite obviously like each other very much and spend hours and hours wrestling, teasing and playing. They always like to play who gets the (insert dog toy here) When Modi was still small, Skadie watched after him, almost like a mother. She would play very gently with him, and groom him, too. Now that he´s bigger she plays rougher, but still seems to know Modi is special. She still occasionally cleans his ears and face. They love to keep each other warm on cold nights, they also like to scare away intruders together. Did I mention that they love to play?
OH, You got me! Sun bathing Okay, where's my copy of The Sims?
Uncle! Uncle! Observing the master One for the Album
Sun bathing..again Picture perfect London Bridge is falling down...
Skadie and Modi discuss web design concepts. Hey, you mind turning off the light? "guarding" the futon, on moving day.
Skadie and Modi share the last sun beam of the day. Where do the humans sit? Saying goodbye, or hello?