NLCA, ARBA CH. Lady Skadie Boden
"Skadie" b. 1/27/97 d. 4/12/10
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Skadie is the founder of the Norwegian Lundehund Network. She´s owned by Paul and Jessica, who live on the Northern California coast, in the town of San Mateo. Skadie is very smart, a little shy, and fiercely loyal. She´s been through basic obedience training and knows how to: sit, stay, lay down, shake, crawl, speak, and roll over. Like most lundies, she´s extremely curious and likes to explore every nook and cranny in the house. She also likes to hide treats in secret spots throughout the house; its not uncommon to pull out an old pair of boots from the closet, only to find a dog treat hidden inside! Dominance wise, Skadie is the Top Dog, though Modi tries to muscle in sometimes.Skadie has several hidey-holes and spends lots of time under the couch (a 4 inch opening) or relaxing in front of the heater.( I thought she was an Artic Dog?)   She also likes to hang out under mom and dads bed in a 5x 7x 5´ tunnel. When she doesn´t want to be touched, like when her ears need cleaning, she hides out in her cat condo. Obviously, Lundehund proofing a home is a difficult task. Especially since Skadie can leap a 36 gate (a trick that she learned from her pal Finn). Skadie can be a little neurotic at times; she hates to be left alone or even seperated from her mom and dad. She can also be aloof; she tends not to hang out on mom and dads lap as much as they would like, Modi makes up for that! She is not very licky, though she does have her moments. She seems to be happiest when she can play , but still see mom and dad. Skadie came to us from Shirley Gravning in North Dakota. We had her shipped, and there was a mishap with the airline- they lost her for over an hour! Needless to say we recommend hand pickup whenever possible.
Catching some Z's in Hollywood
Photo courtesy of Joe Perrigoue
Come check out my Van Gough Waiting for the Surf
Is Becky over? Chillin' at the Beach Whats that over there?
Climbing the Rocks Hello surfer boys.. stop!
Im talking to the bear! Relaxing in the grass Skadie at 3 weeks
look at those waves Try and get it... Run, Skadie Run
Skadie: Super Model safe and warm zzzzzzzz
Look at those puffins... Napping on the deck I want to go over there!
chilling out on the dashboard Skadie and Kellen
Photo courtesy of Joe Perrigoue
my what big teeth you have
what are you doing?? small puppies medium puppies
large puppies HUGE puppies Relaxing between shows in Hollywood
Photo courtesy of  Joe Perrigoue
Lundies dont understand the concept of "furniture" fun with shedded lundie fur mut are you dobing mith that cabra.
Skadie and Shasta enjoying the Hollywood sun!