Princess Shasta The Enchanting
"Shasta" b. 1/27/97
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This is Shasta, Skadie´s littermate. Shasta lives with her 3 roommates in sunny Southern California.  She has been one of the only Lundies down south, and has been visited from as far away as Canada by potential lundie owners.  She is the smallest of her pack which includes a deerhound and a border terrier, but they all get along quite well and usually are never found apart. She is the snuggliest of the 3, always willing to jump up in your lap (if you are her owner) and fall asleep.  Shasta is also the shyest and most attached pup in the family.  She likes to cry pitifully if her owner is home and she can't be in the same room as him. Usually she gets her way, sometimes getting privileges that the other 2 dogs don't get.  She is the omega dog in the pack, so it does her good to get some extra attention.  She has recently been joined in Southern California by young Ethan who lives in Orange County.  Ethan will be visiting for a few days, and it will be the first time Shasta has spent time with another Lundie since she left her mom in Grand Forks at 8 weeks. Shasta hopes to be a mom herself someday, but she is waiting until her owner is properly prepared for the new additions.  She would also like her owner to take her up to visit her sister Skadie and friend Modi and hopes that his schedule will allow such a trip someday soon.Shasta is now a mom! in June of 2001 she gave birth to 1 female and 1 male. Autumn (the female) Lives with her cousin Shannon and you can see her here.
Shasta in the grass: Then Shasta in the grass: Now Behold the Mystical Sphinx!
Shasta resting Shasta the Vampire Shasta on her toes
Shasta Posing Shasta flopped on her back Roger & Shasta
Aerial View Help some one cut off Rogers Head!
Photo courtesy of Joe Perrigoue
Shasta relaxs on Rogers lap
Welcome to Fantasy Island" "if he cant find me, He cant clean my ears...." "lets get it on....."
Cliffhanger Captin Connor
"Finn" b. 6/21/97 d. 6/14/11
We met Becky right after we got Skadie, and right before she got Finn. Finn and Modi have the same Sire (Dad), Odie. Finn is the Evil Kneivel of the Lundie world. He is always pulling some spectacular stunts, and he  lives to tell about them! The CGC in his name stands for Canine Good Citizen. Finn passed a series of difficult heels and stays designed to distract dogs.  Finn is very active and  lives very close to us in Pacifica. If you think you have seen him before, that is because he is the current Banner model for this site. What a fox! He´s definitely the most handsome Lundehund we know!
Finn has rebounded tremendously from last summer's bout with IL.  He's now a little canine vegetarian, enjoying soy-based kibble (CNM Ha) as his main diet plus  many snacks throughout the day of cantaloupe, bananas, carrots, squash, sorbets,  PowerBarks, etc.  -- yes, he's a bit spoiled, so what!?! His energy level is great & he gives his border collie buddy a run for her money; he's not coordinated enough to catch her Frisbee, but he's mastered stealing it and running away with his trophy (and tail) high in the air. He still makes me laugh.  A lot!  And, as Martha says, it's a good thing.

Becky, put Finn down a week before his 14th birthday. Finn was a great dog and companion for Becky, she worked very hard to get Finn to a ripe old age. He will always be missed!

Finn in the Snow snug as a bug Hey whats that?
Hey look at that one... Finn models more fashions Finn and a toy
Ready for action The Stuffed Puffin Hunter Leggy Super Model Finn
Next Cover Of Dog Fancy This is your dog... I'm a cowboy! Howdy, Howdy Howdy
Finn The GQ Dog Uncle Finn meets Skadies Pups Uncle Finn learns not to disturb nursing puppies
Go Finn Go!! Finn the "pointer" Finn in Action
The business end of Finn let me clean that lens for you Who took the toy from whom?
Beach Boy Finn
Cliffhanger Nikkita Dawn
"Nikki" b. 10/10/97
This is Nikki, who lives in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Her parents are Ronnie and Christi. She is Modi´s Littermate. She lives with her buddy Tisch, an  older bigger dog. What a good looking Lundehund! At a recent show, she won Smallest Lundie. She may be small, but she´s big on personality! She loves people, but is much to busy to be a lap dog unless she is sleepy. People laugh at her distinctive bark, but maybe its just the southern accent!
mmm the azelias smell nice Which one isn't a statue? Hey Mom! where are the Keys?
Okay, I cleaned the top of the coffee table, now what? Nikki and Mom at the Mighty Mississippi What a cute mess!
  Specialty Award