Zellers Princess Shannon
"Shannon" b. 1/15/00
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Shannon was formerly known as "pinkie" we called her this because the tip of her ear at birth was all pink, later on she got white fur there. Pinkie was the the first one born in Skadies first litter. When we discovered her about 5 minutes after her birth she was not breathing, but luckily we knew how to perform puppy CPR, and this worked!! Shannon suffered no ill affects of her tricky birth and grew and developed right along with her siblings. Shannon was the social butterfly of her litter, she would spend her time trying to get anyone to hold her before she would play with her siblings, but dont worry she left plenty of time for that too!!
Shannon now lives in Arizona.

Shannon has turned into quite a pretty lady. She has been doing very well in her new home and has lots of friends. In the summer of 2001 she got a very special toy, a new Lundie!! Her new playmate is named Autumn and is 100% Lundie! Autmn is out of Shasta and Buddah, so that makes Shannon and Autumn Cousins!!! They love to play that famous Lundehund game "I have something and you dont".  We cant wait to see how Autumn develops.

Shannon relaxing Leo, Sheridan, Shannon Shannon
Shannon discovers her extra toes Shannon goes for Leo's leg Shannon's world famous upside down nursing trick
Shannon leads a round of Hokey Pokey Ready for anything Shannon checks out an Orange tree
and she's off!! soaking in the Arizona Sun relaxing on the deck
What channel is Animal Planet? Autumn1 Autumn3
Zellers Sjuta Marias of MT
"Sheridan" b. 1/15/00 d. 4/28/11
Sheridan, was formerly known as "blackie". She was the last puppy to be born in Skadies 1st litter. She was very small at birth but she was very healthy and quickly caught up to other siblings. As a puppy Sheridan was quite a daredevil, she was usually the first to try everything. she was the first puppy to venture outside of the whelping box, then she was the first puppy to venture outside, and even though she fell on her face the first time she jumped onto the lawn, she was the first!! Sheridan spent lots of time observing her mother and trying to mimic her behaviour. Sheridan has one foot that has seven toes, otherwise her markings are very similar to her mothers. Sheridan now lives with her new family in Montana on the edge of Yellowstone National Park. Her new roomie is Elias, a border collie mix, so far they get along very well. As Sheridan is getting older is getting clear that she is going to be bigger than her mother, and her shape is starting resemble that of her father (CH. Kellen)

Sheridan passed away in 2011 after several months of medical issues. I am greatly thankfull to CHristine and John for taking such wonderful care of "my baby" and for continuing to keep in touch with me for all these years.

Dreams of Norway!! Sheridan and Shannon Hello Dad? We're in Jail!!
urgh aaigh Ennh
Phbbbt Leo and Sheridan in the box subdueing a menacing leaf
Ready for action Pinkie, Leo and Blackie Sheridan Arial View
Whats all this white stuff?? Hey im trying to sleep!! zzzzzzzzz
hey what's in here?? Hi there!! Peekaboo!
this is my bed..wheres yours? mmph yummy toy mmmph To pooped to party
Are we there yet? Better than a dashboard jesus! The easiest way to wash a Lundie!!
No Pictures please!! The Primal Urge!! Looking for Moose
John and Christine