Cliffhanger Prince Mathias
"Modi" B. 10/10/97
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Modi was gift to us, in more than one way. We were trying very desperately to find a second dog for Skadie. The first dog we brought home, a Rat Terrier, did not get along with Skadie, and that made us very sad. We didn´t want to get another dog if it wasn´t going to work out. As luck would have it Frank and Sharon had an extra dog from a litter that they had, and unfortunately he was an orphan. His sire and dam were Odie and Betty. That was Modi. At 5 months old Modi was no bigger than a 2 month old puppy. The other dogs, from Cliffhanger Kennel, who were only four months old at the time, towered over him!  Modi had spent most of his time curled up in Frank or Ray´s arms. He was lavished with affection. The very first time we saw him, we fell in love. He was so cute and sweet, with an easy personality and a silly gait. We were concerned over his small size, so we took him to the vet. They ran tests, took blood, took urine, over and over,  only to find out that he was perfectly normal. After a bout of roundworms and giardia, Modi started to grow!! He didn´t grow as fast as other dogs, but he is now as big as Skadie and weighs almost as much. Modi is the most affectionate lundie you will find. He is very loving; he loves to hang out on laps and lick faces. He´s also very playful and rarely turns down a game of chase or fetch. Although he´s small, he´s very brave...he barks at all the big dogs on the beach. He´s so precocious. He is very happy with being the low dog on the totempole... though he tries to challenge Skadie every now and then.
Handsome boy Modi on Day One Modi Zoom
ppphhhbbbbtttttt! Not again!! Norwegian Lundehund Satellite
This is my bed where's yours? Bed too small or dog too big? Modi in Action
mmm.yummy bone... Enjoying the Hollywood "scene". The "prince" and the pea
  Modi checking out the new house!